Webinar - Principles of Extrapolation and Screening of Velocity Profiles

Principles of Extrapolation and Screening of Velocity Profiles

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June 27, 2019 1PM (QLD, AUS Time)

Key Points to be covered:

  • Velocity Profile Principles
  • Extrapolation of Velocity Profiles
  • Implementation of Screening Distance
  • RSL (SonTek):  RiverSurveyor Live Software (SonTek)
  • QRev (USGS):  Software for Computation and Quality Assurance of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Moving-Boat Streamflow Measurements

The extrapolation and screening of velocity profile measurements from Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler instruments are essential aspects of the measurement process.  It is important to understand the fundamental principles of velocity profiles within a channel and the reason why the extrapolation process can have substantial impact on the final discharge calculation. 

The presence and magnitude of flow disturbance in the velocity profile under certain flow conditions can be associated with the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler and or Platform used during the measurement.  The impact of flow disturbance on velocity profile measurements are well defined and can be omitted from the velocity profile using existing techniques.  The development of velocity profile extrapolation and implementation of screening distance varies between real-time data collection and post processing  applications and it is essential that operator has full understanding of the different processes involved.

Daniel Wagenaar

Daniel Wagenaar
: Daniel started his hydrographic career in South Africa as hydrographer with experience in surface water and ground water monitoring.  He continued with his career progression as Technical Manager of hydrographic operations overseeing all computations including rating development and data processing.  He expanded his 29 years’ experience in hydrographic operations by accepting Manager of Water Monitoring Systems position in Australia, responsible for the design of business process frame works and the development of operational standards, quality assurance systems and training.  His focus at SonTek consist of the development of Acoustic Doppler measuring techniques, enhancement of surface water methodology, quality assurance and data management principles used in collection of Acoustic Doppler data.  The assessment of latest research, International Standards and Organizational requirements forms a key component in the development and enhancement of measuring techniques.  Daniel holds a B.Sc. in Water Engineering from Central University Technology and B.Sc. in Geohydrology from Free State University.