Xylem Analytics has joined with WaterCube to provide a natural extension to the capabilities of the SonTek M9 ADCP with the ability to map longitudinal reaches of river section and depict this in a full 'real data' 3D visualisation.  With the SonTek M9 having a dual function of being both a Discharge and Bathymetry tool, the linkage with WaterCube is allowing our customer base to maximize the use of this very powerful asset. 

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WaterCube will take the output from the multiple ADCP boat-mounted systems and link them together to create a single 3D grid of water velocity and depth. Data collection is rapid allowing the operator(s) to cover a vast amount of river reach in order to define a single event. Outputs include cross-sectional views of depth and velocity anywhere along the measured section, horizontal views of velocity contours at specific depths, channel hydraulics, and bed-load velocity plots.

This spatial data can then have water quality data added during the collection phase that assists in defining the health of the ecosystem from a sustainability perspective. Additional surveys over varying stage conditions will assist in the mapping of an ecosystem in order to better understand the conditions of any river reach.

An example output is shown below whereby transects can be selected at any interval to allow a hydraulic analysis of a river reach to be analysed in its entirety in order to better understand flow patterns – e.g. eddy's, sink holes, changing cross sectional dynamics, vertical and horizontal velocity distribution etc.  

Contact Steve Bird on salesAUS@xyleminc.com, further information can also be found at http://www.watercubedata.com/ 

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