YSI EMM60 Light Weight Hand Held Buoy

The YSI EMM60 Light Weight Hand Held Buoy provides a quickly deployable water quality monitoring platform with remote telemetry. The system can be lifted into place by one person, reducing deployment and maintenance costs. And the entire system can be installed without divers, allowing for complete serviceability from a small boat or watercraft.

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Collect data in waters previously out of reach. The EMM60 buoy is an economical alternative to obtaining site access to install permanent fixtures on bridge pilings and piers.

Receive remote data

A basic data delivery system is available to send data from any YSI sonde to a delimited data file on a computer. Remote data delivered to your desktop will:

  • Save you unnecessary trips into the field, reducing operating costs
  • Make you aware of changing conditions as they occur, improving response time
  • Match your calibration and maintenance schedules to actual sensor performance, reducing consumables

Ideal for monitoring in these applications

  • Baseline studies
  • Construction and dredging
  • Dye-tracing studies
  • Emergency response
  • Fisheries
  • Industrial sites
  • Non-point source/TMDL
  • Point source/discharge
  • Stormwater & CSO
  • Source water
  • University/research

Custom systems available

Contact Xylem Analytics to discuss your specific monitoring application. We offer a variety of buoy platforms which can be tailored to fit your needs. Our other systems are suited for deployment in high-energy environments and for long-term monitoring projects.

Weight 23 kg (50.71 lbs) in air
Mooring Customer-supplied single- or three-point
Antenna Integral cellular antenna standard; waterproof external antenna optional
Solar 5-watt panel
Battery 12 v/12 amp-hr
Float Impact-resistant polyurethane, foam-filled
Sensor Payload Any YSI 6-Series water quality sonde (can include temperature, depth, conductivity, blue-green algae, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, ORP, pH, rhodamine, and turbidity)
Software One copy of base-station software required for entire monitoring network; priced
Telemetry CDMA through Verizon®, GSM circuit-switched data, or GPRS (customer
specifies coverage and signal strength at site when ordering)
Beacon Flashing amber; optional
Deployment Min. water depth 1.8 meters; max. operational currents 2 knots;
max. rolling wave height 1 meter
Options EMM65 buoy: Two 5-watt solar panels with 24 amp-hr battery
EMM67 buoy: Three 5-watt solar panels with 24 amp-hr battery and larger
electronics canister

Simple steps to deploy a buoy

  • Activate cellular modem and account
  • Install base station software on computer with unrestricted internet access
  • Configure YSI sonde with EcoWatch® software
  • Test communications in lab
  • Source and install mooring lines and weights
  • Deploy buoy in safe location
  • Maintain sensors and equipment on regular basis

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