Handheld Thermometers, Thermal Imaging Cameras and Food Oil Meters

Ebro - Thermometers, Thermal Imagers

Ebro (a Xylem brand) offers a diverse selection of hand-held thermometers, thermal imaging cameras and food oil monitors for medical, food and environmental applications, covering temperature, humidity, pressure, oil quality, ph, salinity concentration, brix, etc.

There are various types of devices such as the ones that penetrate into the core or the surface of the samples, bendable types with probe attached, sensor type with cable attached, devices that are suited to NiCr-Nis sensors such as Lemo connector and SMP connecter. Here you can find the devices to best suit your needs.

  • Thermometers
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Oil Monitoring
ebro TLC 700 Folding Thermometer

ebro TLC 700 Folding Thermometer

The ebro TLC 700 Basic Fold-Back / Folding Thermometer for high accuracy temperature measurements according to HACCP standards. The practical folding thermometer TLC 700 is suitable for measuring the core temperature during transport, storage and receiving of goods. Thanks to the foldable penetration probe the waterproof thermometer (IP 65) can be stored safely. The device is primarly characterized by its small size and the large display and comes with a calibration certificate.

ebro TLC 1598 Folding Penetration Thermometer

ebro TLC 1598 Folding Penetration Thermometer

The ebro TLC 1598 is a Fold-Back Thermometer with a foldable Pt 1000 Penetration Probe. This high accuracy, small and robust lithium battery operated thermometer, is equipped with a stainless steel probe. The TLC 1598 is general purpose thermometer, and is a handy measuring instrument for the temperature of air, liquids and plastic material (meat, fruit, etc.). The electronics are controlled by a microprocessor ensuring a high measuring precision reading and linearity over the complete measuring range.

Basic Infrared Thermometer TFI 260

ebro TFI 260 Infrared Thermometer

Ideal for food and beverage inspections, the ebro infrared (IR) thermometer TFI 260 measures surface temperatures using infrared technology using an innovative 8 point laserpointer.
The bright display backlight allows reading the measurement values even in dark environments. The handy grip and the trigger button for measurements are optimal for the application.

ebro TIC 100 Thermo Imaging Camera

ebro TIC 100 Thermo Imaging Camera

The ebro Thermal Imager TIC 100 measures and documents temperature-sensitive products. You can easily determine the temperature distribution of a product during laboratory analysis and capture it on camera.
As the temperature is measured by infrared and thus a contactless measurement, the Imager TIC 100 can be used for temperature measurements of moving or voltage-carrying parts. With the Imager TIC 100, the measured temperatures can be captured and documented quickly and easily with the camera.

ebro FOM 330

ebro FOM 330 Food Oil Monitor

Keep your food quality high!  Potentially harmful substances such as acrylamide can quickly accumulate in old frying oil in high concentrations which can also pass into the fried food. At the same time, the food loses its flavour and no longer becomes properly crispy. Using the FOM 330 measuring device, you can easily determine the perfect time for changing oil. The fried food thus remains of a consistently high quality.