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The viscosity of Newtonian liquids is most accurately determined by using capillary viscometers. In this measuring method the time that a defined amount of liquid takes to flow through a capillary whose length and diameter are known is measured. With the industrial manufacture of such precisely calibrated capillary viscometers we have created the conditions that have enabled this measuring method to become established throughout the world as a reliable method. As a result of the numerous different samples and applications we can provide a very wide range of different capillary viscometers.

In order to integrate these viscometers in the measuring system we offer a wide range of accessories such as AVS® measuring stands or mountings. The measuring stands are used for automatically recording the flow-though time in viscometers. They work with all standard viscometers for repeated measurements and can be connected to all our measuring systems.

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SI Analytics ViscoClock

SI Analytics ViscoClock Glass Capillary Viscometer

This product has been discontinued. Please view our newest Viscometer, the SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus

The ViscoClock is an electronic time-measuring unit used to determine absolute and relative viscosity. It consists of a stand which is used to mount a viscometer and the electronic measuring unit. The two measuring levels are integrated in the stand made of high-quality PPA synthetic material, and the electronic measuring unit is included in a PP casing. The large LCD display allows themeasured values to be read off easily.

SI Analytics AVS® Pro III

SI Analytics AVS® Pro III Viscosity Autosampler

The auto sampler AVS®Pro III is a fully automatic measuring station for determining the viscosity of Newtonian liquids using capillary viscometers. Despite its high sample throughput, the AVS®Pro III is characterized by its high accuracy and reproducibility, even though working with the AVS®Pro III is simple and allows unattended day and night operation.

SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus

SI Analytics ViscoClock Plus Viscometer

The ViscoCIock plus is an electronic timing unit for glass capillary viscometers used to determine kinematic and relative viscosity. Succeeding the well-proven ViscoCIock, the new instrument features data storage and simpler handling. The ViscoClock plus is especially designed for Ubbelohde type viscometers which are well-known for highest precision.