Seaguard RCM

The single-point SEAGUARD® RCM series is a completely new generation of current meters based on the SEAGUARD® datalogger platform and the ZPulse® multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor (DCS). SEAGUARD® Products are based on modern technology and are the basic modules of our underwater observatory. They may be used as a multi-parameter instrument in the sea and in freshwater and feature a modular plug-and-play architecture.

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SeaGuard RCM platforms provides the user with the possibility to perform long term monitoring of sea and inland water using the latest technology for measurement.

  • SeaGuard Platform SW - 300m
  • SeaGuard Platform IW - 3000m
  • SeaGuard Platform DW - 6000m

It employs AADI sensors known for their long term calibration stability and unique non-stirring sensitive construction. The user may select between a wide range of framing and deployment features, real-time communication facilities and storage capabilities.

The new single-point, Recording Current Meter(RCM) series featuring the new ZPulse™, multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor and CANBus based AiCap smart sensor technology.

SeaGuard RCM Advantages:

  • Large storage capacity on SD card
  • Down to 2 second recording interval
  • Up to 4 Analog sensor input (0-5V)
  • For use in sea and fresh water
  • Low current drain
  • SEAGUARD® Studio visualization software included
  • Real-Time XML Output included in high power version
  • Broadband ZPulse® multi-frequency technology reduces power consumption and improves quality
  • Smart sensor topology based on a reliable CANbus interface (AiCaP)
  • Windows CE based datalogger with color touch panel for local configuration
  • 300 m, 2000 m and 6000 meter versions
Top-end Plate capability:  Up to 6 sensors can be fitted onto the Top-end Plate, of which 4 can be analog sensors (0-5V)
Recording System: Data Storage on SD card
Storage Capacity:  ≥2GB
Alkaline 3988:  9V, 15Ah (nominal 12.5Ah; 20W down to 6V at 4°C) 
or Lithium 3908: 7V, 35Ah
Recording Interval: From 2s, depending on the node configuration for each instrument
Recording settings: Fixed interval settings or Customized Sequence setting
Protocol: AiCaP CANbus based protocol
Depth Capacity: 300m/2000m/6000m
Platform Dimensions:
300m version (SW):  H: 356mm  OD: 139mm
2000m version (IW):  H: 352mm  OD: 140mm
6000m version (DW): H: 368mm  OD: 143mm
External Materials:
300m version: PET, Titanium, Stainless Steel 316, Durotong DT322 polyurethane
2000/6000m version: Stainless steel 316, Titanium, OSNISIL, Durotong DT322 polyurethane
Weight In Air: In Air
300m version (SW):  7.6 kg
2000m version (IW):  14.8 kg
6000m version (DW): 15.7 kg
Supply Voltage:  6– 14 Volts
Operating Temperature:  -5 to +50°C
Weight In Water:  
300m version (SW):  2.0 kg
2000m version (IW):  8.5 kg
6000m version (DW): 10.5 kg
Supply Voltage:  6– 14 Volts
Operating Temperature:  -5 to +50°C
ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor (DCS) Specifications
Current Speed:  (Vector averaged)
Range: 0-300 cm/s
Resolution:  0.1 mm/s
Mean Accuracy:  ± 0.15 cm/s
Relative:  ± 1% of  reading
Statistic variance (std) 0.3 cm/s (ZPulse® mode),
(0.45 cm/s 1)
Current Direction:
Range:  0 – 360° magnetic
Resolution: 0.01°
Accuracy:  ±5° for 0-15° tilt
±7.5° for 15-35° tilt
Tilt Circuitry:
Range: 0-35°
Resolution: 0.01°
Accuracy: ±1.5°
Compass Circuitry:
Resolution: 0.01°
Accuracy: ±3°
Frequency: 1.9 to 2.0 MHz
Power: 25 Watts in 1ms pulses
Beam angle (main lobe): 
Installation distance:
From surface: 0.75m
From bottom: 0.5m
Accessories Included: SEAGUARD Studio
SD card: 2 GB
Alkaline Battery 3988
Documentation on CD 
Carry handle 4132
Optional Accessories: Carry handle 4032,3965
Mooring frame: In-line 40442)/3824A
Bottom 3448R
Protecting Rods 3783
Sub-surface floats 2211,2212
Battery: Internal Lithium 3908
Internal Alkaline 3988
Internal Battery Shell 4513
Electrical terminal 4784
AC/DC adapter, lab. use 4908
Real Time licence and collector 
Offline Configuration 4811 
Analog cable/license 4564/4802
Maintenance Kit 3813/3813A
Tools kit 3986A
Vane Plate 3781,3681
Hardcopy Documentation
Optional Sensors:
Temperature Sensor 4060
Range:  -4-36°C (32-96.8°F)3)
Resolution:  0.001°C (0.0018°F)
Accuracy:  ±0.03°C (0.054°F)
Response Time 63%): < 2 seconds
Conductivity Sensor 4319
Range:  0-7.5 S/m
Resolution:  0.0002 S/m
4319 A:  ±0.005 S/m
4319 B:  ±0.0018 S/m
Response Time:  <3s5)
Pressure Sensor 4117
Resolution: <0.002% FSO
Accuracy:  ±0.02° FSO
4117A Range:  0 –   1000kPa (0 – 145 psia)4) 
4117B Range:  0 –   4000kPa (0 – 580 psia)
4117C Range:  0 – 10000kPa (0 – 1450 psia)4)
4117D Range:  0 – 20000kPa (0 – 2900 psia)
4117E Range:  0 – 40000kPa (0 – 5800 psia)4)
4117F Range:  0 – 60000kPa (0 – 8700 psia)
Turbidity Sensor 4112 0-5V Analog Output
4112 Range: 0-25 FTU
4112A Range: 0-125 FTU
4112B Range: 0-500 FTU
4112C Range: 0-2000 FTU
Oxygen Optode 4835/4330   O2-Concentration  Air Saturation
Measurement Range: 0 – 500 mM
Resolution: < 1 mM
Accuracy: <8 mM or 5%
Response Time (63%): 4330F (with fast response foil) <8 sec
  4835/4330 (with standard foil) <25 sec

2016,May - Below the surface in ports: topography, navigation and pollution

Increasing ship size and higher demands for more efficient ports have increased the responsibilities for port and navigational authorities. This application oriented webinar will show how solutions from Aanderaa, HYPACK and SonTek help one harbour deal with increasing demands:

  • HydroSurveyor M9 compact high performance systems to measure bathymetry and currents in ports and harbors
  • CastAway CTD offers seamless integration of sound speed information
  • HYPACK software powerful tool to plan missions and analyze data
  • HydroSurveyor M9, CastAway and HYPACK - a complete survey package from Xylem
  • Aanderaa have offered turn key hydro-meteorological soltuions for ports and harbors globally
  • Side looking insturments suitable for pier mounting
  • New buoys combine single point and profiling Doppler current sensors to cover the entire water column
  • Mulitparameter insturuments like SeaGuard RCM and SeaGuard II DCP are suitable for lead detection and pollution spreading studies from wrecks

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