Global Water DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Datalogger

The DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers are highly accurate, self-contained, battery powered absolute pressure water level loggers designed to record water depth and temperature over long periods. The absolute pressure water level sensor, electronics and battery are housed in a rugged, double-sealed 316 stainless steel tube for long term submersible deployment. The DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers require no external wires and may be suspended with any suitable and secure cable. When it's time to download the recorded data, the DCX-22 is simply retrieved from the measurement point and the double sealed end cap is then removed to access the absolute pressure water level sensor's data port.

  • Features
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  • Completely self-contained water level datalogger
  • Rugged 316 SS body with double O-ring seal
  • 10 year battery life
  • Up to 28,000 readings in non-volatile memory
  • Slim 7/8th inch (22mm) diameter body
  • Easy to use Windows® based software
  • CE compliant

DCX-22 Baro Barometric Pressure Logger

When using the DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers in shallow water depths where the influence of barometric pressure changes should be considered, the DCX-22 Barologger is placed at the surface near the Self Contained Water Level Datalogger, to record the barometric pressure. The two values are then quickly and accurately correlated by the software once the data files are downloaded to your PC. The DCX-22 Barologger is built to the same exacting specifications as the DCX-22 Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers except that its sensor and electronics are calibrated to read and record barometric pressure.

Warning: Non-vented water level loggers may have readings with errors of up to 10 inches due to barometric pressure changes. Global Water's WL16 Water Level Loggers use vented cable to prevent this issue from affecting your valuable data.

Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers Specifications
Power:  Lithium-Battery 3.6 V
Battery Life:  10 years @ 1 measurement/hour
Communications:  RS 485 digital
Logger to PC: USB (optional RS232)
Performance Linearity: 0.05 % FS
Level Accuracy: 0.1% FS (max. 0.2% FS)
Baro Accuracy: 1 mbar
Long Term Stability: 0.5 mbar
Overload: 2 x nominal range
Temp. Compensation:  14 to 104 °F (-10 to 40 °C) (other ranges on request)
Temp. Measurement Accuracy:  1.8°F (1°C)
Recording Interval: 1 second to 18 hours
Shortest Measuring Cycle:  1x per second
Memory:  16,000 or 28,000 data points (depending on storing method)
Body Material:  Stainless Steel 316L (DIN 1.4435)
O-ring: Viton®
Dimensions:  7/8 inch (2.2cm) Diameter x 11 inch (28cm) Long
Weight:  0.78 lb (355 g)
Software Compatibility:  WindowsTM 2000/NT/XP/ME and 9X

Self Contained Water Level Dataloggers Options

DCX-22-2:  Self Contained Water Level Datalogger 0-32.8 Feet (0 to 10 m) (PN# AVL002) 

DCX-22-3:  Self Contained Water Level Datalogger 0-65.6 Feet (0 to 20 m) (PN# AVL003) 

DCX-22:  Baro Barometric Pressure Logger (PN# AVL001) 

K-114A:  Self Contained Water Level Datalogger USB Communication Cable (PN# AVU100) 

K-103A:  Self Contained Water Level Datalogger RS232 Communication Cable (PN# AVS100)

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