SI Analytics Memosens® Process Electrode

Our Memosens® program contains pH and redox electrodes. They are compatible to all at the market available measuring devices based on the Memosens® protocol. Following the in the analog segment already established electrodes of the series ProcessLine, SteamLine and annular-gap electrodes our new Memosens® electrode program also contains the upcoming FlowLine series. FlowLine is a new line of liquid-electrolyte electrodes with integrated plastic miniature pressure adapter for the hose connection to the electrolyte reservoir. All Memosens® electrodes are equipped with a NTC 30 kΩ temperature sensor.

  • Features

The advantages of Memosens® at a glance:

  • Complete galvanic isolation
  • Resistant to environmental influences
  • radical improvement in measuring point reliability
  • Lifecycle memory makes predictive maintenance possible
  • Memosens® is an open System
  • All Memosens® sensors and devices from the manufacturers involved are compatible with each other

For more information please check our Memosens spec sheet.