SI Analytics ProLab 2500 Digital Benchtop Meter

The SI Analytics ProLab 2500 is a digital high-performance meter with three channels. With its color graphic display protected by glass, high-quality zinc die-casting base as well as the anti-bacterial keyboard cover, it meets even the highest demands.

  • Features

Flexible performance

  • Measures three universal measuring channels
  • Measures pH, ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity.
  • Any combination of the same or different parameters.
  • Color backlit graphic display with CMC, QSC and channel display.
  • An adapter for conventional pH electrodes (DIN plug) included in the delivery.
  • Memory with 10,000 possible entries.
  • Digital sensor recognition
  • Antibacterial keyboard

Measuring certainty

  • The digital signal transfer eliminates interference, safely allocates calibration data, automatically transmits sensor data.
  • The Quality Sensor Control (QSC) icon provides precise information about the actual state of the electrode and therefore increases the operational safety.


  • Automatic, digital capture of all sensor data for retraceability of measured values.
  • Available user administration for the safe allocation of user and measuring results or sample and measuring results.
  • Data output to PC, USB memory stick or selected printers

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