SonTek 10-MHz ADV®

Product discontinued. Please refer to other Velocity & Flow Meters.

The SonTek ADV is a single point, high resolution Doppler current meter which provides 3-D velocity measurements in a remotely sampled volume. The ADV is a bistatic Doppler current meter. The term bistatic refers to the fact that the ADV uses separate acoustic transducers to transmit and receive sound energy. The ADV transmitter generates sound with most of the energy concentrated in a tight cylindrical volume, while the receivers are the most sensitive to sound coming from a slightly broader angular range. The transducers are mounted such that their beams intersect over a volume located some distance away, called sampling volume. This document presents a basic description of the effects of the finite sampling volume on the accuracy of the velocity measurements.

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The SonTek 10-MHz ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) is a versatile, high-precision instrument used to measure 3D water velocity. The ADV is used to measure water velocity in a wide range of environments including laboratories, rivers, estuaries, and the ocean.

Standard Features

  • Self-contained processor in splash-proof or underwater housing
  • Sensor mounted on 25 cm stem
  • Standard cable length to processor: 10 m
  • Analog and serial outputs

Optional Features

  • Sensor mounted on a 100cm cable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for Splash Proof systems
  • Compass/Tilt sensor
  • Several probe configurations available
  • Strain-gage pressure sensor - (0.1%)
  • Resonant pressure transducer - (0.01%)

Available in both laboratory and field-ruggedized configurations, the ADV has proven its versatility and reliability in a wide variety of applications.

Sampling Rate 0.1 to 25 Hz
Sampling Volume 0.25 cc
Distance to Sampling Volume 10 cm
Resolution 0.01 cm/s
Programmed Velocity Range 3, 10, 30, 100, 250 cm/s
Accuracy 1% of measured velocity, 0.25 cm/s
Maximum Depth 60 m
Temperature Sensor 0.1°C
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading, Pitch, Roll Resolution 0.1°
Compass/Tilt Sensor  — Heading Accuracy ±2°
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Pitch, Roll Accuracy ±1°
Input Power 12-24 VDC
Typical Power Consumption 2.5 to 4.0 W Operating | <1mW Sleep

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