SonTek ADP® - Acoustic Doppler Profiler

SonTek ADP® - Acoustic Doppler Profiler

SonTek ADP® - Acoustic Doppler Profiler

SonTek ADP® - Acoustic Doppler Profiler

The SonTek ADP (Acoustic Doppler Profiler) is a proven, capable and versatile, high-performance, 3-axis (3D) water current profiler that is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. 

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The ADP uses state-of-the-art transducers and electronics designed to reduce side-lobe interference problems that plague other current profilers. This allows the ADP to make the very near-boundary (surface or bottom) current measurements critical to shallow water applications. The 1.5-MHz profiler is available as a Mini-ADP featuring a compact transducer head designed for applications where small size is critical.

With hundreds of satisfied users around the world, the ADP is proven, capable and versatile. Whether your application is hydrology, oceanography or harbor monitoring, there is an ADP configuration to suit your needs. Here is some of what sets the SonTek ADP apart.

Standard Features

  • 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5-MHz models
  • Profiling ranges up to 180m
  • Side-looking configurations for horizontal profiling
  • Bottom Tracking & GPS input for moving boat applications
  • Compass and 2-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • All ADP software is compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2K
  • ViewADP software for post-processing
  • Low power consumption
  • Temperature sensor
  • Low price
  • Proven SonTek reliability

Optional Features

  • SeaBird MicroCat CT Sensor
  • Optical Backscatter Sensor (OBS)
  • Internal Recording
  • Pressure Sensor (Strain Gage)
  • Pressure Sensor (Frequency–RPT)
  • Directional wave measurement capabilities - SonWavePro option allows custom plots for Polar displays, Time-series displays, and Spectral displays

Over the past decade, current profilers have greatly expanded the ability to make detailed current measurements in challenging field applications. Since its introduction in 1994 as the first profiler designed specifically for shallow water environments, the ADP has revolutionized the current profiler market.

Maximum Profiling Range 1500 kHz: 15m to 25m
1000 kHz: 25m to 35m
500 kHz: 70m to 120m
250 kHz: 160m to 180m
Velocity — Range (up to 100 range cells) ±10 m/s
Velocity — Resolution 0.1 cm/s
Velocity — Accuracy ±1% of measured velocty, ±0.5 cm/s
Power Input 12-24 VDC
Typical Continuous Operating Power Consumption 2.0 to 3.0 W
Typical Sleep Mode Power Consumption < 1 mW
Battery capacity (alkaline, 3 packs at 5°C) 1800 W·h
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Resolution 0.1°
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading Accuracy ±2°
Compass/Tilt Sensor — Pitch, Roll Accuracy ±1°

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