SonTek HydroBoard II

Face challenging white water conditions and extreme weather events head-on with the new SonTek HydroBoard II.

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Innovative. Face the challenge of high velocity discharge measurements with the confidence gained from the use of the new SonTek HydroBoard II. The new dive-resistant, flexible body design allows the HydroBoard II to be used anywhere from low velocity irrigation canals to high-velocity mountain streams.

Rugged. Specifically designed with the full forces of nature in mind, the HydroBoard II uses a highly buoyant material, secure mounting hardware for the RiverSurveyor and HydroSurveyor ADP systems, and bright fluorescent laminate for easy detection in larger bodies of water.

Stable. One of the greatest sources of error in an ADP discharge measurement is excessive and irregular speed. This sleek and sturdy design provides the user with the platform to achieve the controlled speed and tracking conducive to quality ADP discharge measurements.

SonTek Hydroboard II - Size Comparison

Hydroboard "Max" (HBII Max) and Hydroboard "Mini" (HBII Mini) Features

  • Fits the RiverSurveyor S5/M9 and HydroSurveyor systems
  • Compatible with SonTek GPS and PCM solutions
  • Suitable for discharge measurements in water velocities up to 5 m/s (Max) and 2.5 m/s (Mini)
  • Made from closed cell foam that will not take on water and is virtually unsinkable.
  • Highly resistant to flipping and submersion
  • Affordable option to other platform solutions on the market

Hydroboard II Mini's BONUS Features

  • Smaller, lighter and more durable and portable design - perfect for everyday gauging
  • Improved fin design with quick release mechanism

Hydroboard II
   Design subject to change.

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