WTW IQ SensorNet NitraVis® 700 Series Nitrate Sensors

Getting the waste out of wastewater

The NitraVis® is a reagentless, optical-based spectrophotometer built into a rugged, corrosion-resistant field probe for the IQ SensorNet system. The NitraVis probe scans 256 wavelengths per measurement between 200 and 720 nm to provide the most accurate Nitrate and TSS measurements with precise compensation for interferences such as turbidity.

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The NitraVis provides continuous data to help operational improvement decisions. The probe's built-in UltraClean ultrasonic cleaning technology reduces routine maintenance requirements.

  • 256 wavelength scans per measurement results in better accuracy and better compensation for interferences
  • Factory calibrated
  • 2-year warranty
  • Two options available - one ideal for effluent applications and one ideal for influent and aeration tank applications
  • Maintenance free ultrasonic cleaning with UltraClean technology; prevents biofouling from taking place. Built-in air holes for added air cleaning in high fouling applications