The SAC sensor measures Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC) and UV transmission (UVT) at 254nm for determination of organic loads in water. With the  sensor UV 700 IQ SAC this parameter can be detected directly without any chemicals. A reference measurement is performed for compensation of turbidity influences.

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The ideal sensor for:

  • Control of UV treatment reducing power costs and increasing lamp lifetime
  • Detection of load changes in wastewater treatment plant influent
  • Detection of load changes in wastewater treatment plant effluent
  • Determination of organic loads in rivers and lakes

With the sensor UV 700 IQ SAC the spectral absorption coefficient (SAC) at 254 nm can be determined according to DIN 38404 C3. Turbidity influences are compensated by reference measurements at 550 nm.

SAC as a sum parameter similar to COD is a measure for the organic load in wastewater and surface water.

Additionally to the SAC measurement the UV 700 IQ SAC can determine the UV transmission (UVT) at 254 nm which is important for control of UV disinfection.

Avoid a maintenance contract

  • No wear parts
  • No seal replacement
  • No risk of penetrating water
  • No corrosion

WTW ultrasonic cleaning technology- without wiper-without regular servicing.
The unique cleaning system is completely integrated inside the housing of the sensor without any moving parts! This prevents the risk of penetrating water – no axis no exchange of seals-. Efficient and maintenance-free cleaning over the whole lifetime of the sensor is ensured.

And for applications with extreme fouling...
Accessorize your sensor with an optional air cleaning. By air flow directed onto the measurement windows the attachment of dirt is additionally reduced.

Specification UV 701 IQ SAC UV 705 IQ SAC
Measurement range SAC: 0.0-3000m-1
UVT: 0.0-100.0%
SAC: 0.0-600m-1
UVT: 0.0-100.0%
Resolution SAC: 1m-1
UVT: 0.1%
SAC: 1m-1
UVT: 0.1%
Method UV absorption measurement 254 nm UV absorption measurement 254 nm
Compensation Turbidity compensation Turbidity compensation
Cleaning WTW ultrasonic cleaning system WTW ultrasonic cleaning system
Material Housing: Titanium, PEEK
Measurement windows: Sapphire glass
Housing: Titanium, PEEK
Measurement windows: Sapphire glass
IQ SENSOR NET System 182 and 2020 182 and 2020

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